Decided to sell missiles to Taiwan, USA October 27, 11:11


The Trump administration in the United States has decided to sell a new missile to Taiwan and has notified Congress.

The Trump administration just decided to sell another missile last week, further increasing pressure on China.

The Trump administration has decided to sell up to 400 anti-ship missiles "Harpoon" to Taiwan and weapons of $ 2.37 billion including related equipment, about 250 billion yen in Japanese yen, to Congress on the 26th. I have notified you.

Regarding this sale, a State Ministry official told NHK that it would "strengthen Taiwan's defense capabilities," and said, "The United States has an unwavering interest in the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait. We consider security to be the center of peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. "

The Trump administration has just decided to sell a total of 1.8 billion dollars, including ground-attack missiles launched from fighters, to Taiwan on the 21st of this month, or about 190 billion yen in Japanese yen, and the president on the 3rd of next month. Looking ahead to the election, the pressure on China has further increased.

The Chinese government has said it will impose sanctions on American companies involved in the sale following the Trump administration's decision on the 21st, but a spokesman for the State Department, Otagus, issued a statement on the 26th, saying that it is "not acceptable at all" The conflict between the United States and China is intensifying.

Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Welcome from the bottom of my heart"

Regarding this decision, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, "This is the fourth announcement of the sale of weapons, and it is fully clear that the US government attaches great importance to Taiwan's defense demand. The sale of weapons to Taiwan We are welcoming you step by step, getting the equipment you need for defense when you need it. "