China News Agency, Paris, October 26 (Reporter Li Yang) On the 26th, the tension between France and Turkey continued to ferment.

Many European countries expressed their solidarity with France.

  Turkish President Erdogan publicly called on Turks to boycott French goods on the 26th.

The Agence France-Presse and other media quoted statistics from the Turkish Statistics Agency as saying that France is Turkey’s tenth largest source of imports and Turkey’s seventh largest export market.

  Erdogan had previously criticized French President Macron's attitude towards Islam and Muslims, and said Macron "needs spiritual treatment."

French officials have expressed dissatisfaction with this and recalled the French ambassador to Turkey.

  French officials have urged relevant countries to stop calling for boycotts of French goods.

The French official statement pointed out that these calls to boycott French goods were promoted by "radical minorities" and were groundless and should be stopped immediately.

  The French Employers’ Association stated on the 26th that the boycott of French goods is “obviously bad news” for companies that have been affected by the epidemic, but the Employers’ Association supports the relevant position of the French government and calls on French companies to “resist blackmail”.

  Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and many other European countries support France and Macron.

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte stated on social media on the 26th that Erdogan’s remarks against Macron were “unacceptable” and that the Netherlands firmly supports the collective values ​​of France and the European Union and opposes extremism.

  EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Spokesperson Stano stated on the 26th that after Erdogan made remarks about boycotting French goods, he did not rule out holding an emergency EU ministerial meeting in advance to discuss countermeasures.

  Macron once again emphasized the defense of French secularist values. He expressed in Arabic on social media that he "does not accept hate speech and defends rational debate."