By Paolo Gila

MilanOctober 27, 2020Another heavy day for the stock exchanges, with investors who preferred to lighten their positions or speculate to the downside.

The belief persists that the pandemic could spread, putting health systems in crisis first and then the economy of the most industrialized countries.

Milan lost 1 and 53%, Frankfurt 0.93%, London 1.09% and Paris 1 and 77%.

In conjunction with the closure of the Old Continent's markets, this is the picture of the American lists: Dow Jones - 0.40%, Nasdaq + 0.49%.

In Piazza Affari, banking and energy companies appeared weak with the price of crude still falling after the return of Libyan oil to the markets.

The btp / bund spread rose to 131 basis points with our 10-year yield at 0.74%.

Euro little moved against the dollar, at 1.18 and 30.