Request for cooperation from local governments nationwide to expand the spread of My Number Card Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications October 27, 15:59

Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda requested the cooperation of local governments nationwide to spread the My Number Card.

The penetration rate of My Number Card is only about 20% as of the 25th of this month, and the government has set a goal to reach almost all the people by the end of Reiwa 4.

At a press conference, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda revealed that he had requested local governments nationwide to cooperate in expanding the spread of cards.

Specifically, on the premise that the number of card applications will increase from the present, we are requesting that we increase the number of people in charge of the issuance window and open a window on either Saturday or Sunday.

On the other hand, for those who have a card, there are about 8 million people who have applied for "Mina Points" where points of up to 5,000 yen can be returned by cashless payment, so Minister Takeda said "Mina" Since the number of card applications has increased with the start of points, we will continue to make efforts to make it known so that more people can use it. "