Buffalo Sabers ’Rasmus Ristolainen is one of a minority of NHL players who was not involved in the late summer playoffs.

Ristolainen, 26, last played in early March.

There has been a break in the games for almost eight months, and the break is not coming to an end.

So there has been an exceptional amount of time to practice.

Some seven-month training period could come from the ears.

- I've been trying to work out quite smartly, that it would begin to poke at any point, Ristolainen says.

- On the other hand, it's challenging, but while you're thinking, what else would I do?

I would rather play sports, exercise and exercise than watch the walls at home.

Ristolainen has been training in Turku with two of his physics coaches.

- And Lehkosen led by Ismo we have a small jääporukka, where I have visited in recent months.

Artturi Lehkonen, Kaapo Kähkönen, Aleksandr Georgijev and Joonas Järvinen, among others, have been present.

Ristolainen says that Mikko Rantanen and Kaapo Kakko will soon join the straps.

During his break, Ristolainen has also had time to practice with a new type of equipment that improves the feed and release speed. Photo: Vesa-Matti Väärä

Ristolainen is known as one of the NHL’s most cumbersome riggers, who is physically in an iron strike.

How can he further develop his physics during an extra long break?

- I may not need more strength now.

The game is faster all the time, so you have to be able to answer it as a big man with a hundred pounds.

You have to keep up with the boys, you can skate and play.

I focused on speed and endurance.

- Now I've got to be on the ice more than in any previous summer.

Just I've been practicing your gaming skills.

Ristolainen feels that months of training have also paid off.

- I do not measure my progress with any results, but rather with how I get moving and how I feel on the ice.

It’s felt like I’m getting on the move better than before.

It's just a button away.

Ristolainen (left) has also been in the training of skating coach Tiia Hurme.

Photo from summer 2019. In the middle Artturi Lehkonen. Photo: Vesa-Matti Väärä

How long will Ristolainen's game break last?

The NHL has set its tentative target for the start of the upcoming season to early January.

In that case, the break would be extended to almost ten months.

However, the targeted start of the NHL season in early January is still anything but certain, and the start may well drag on later into the winter.

Ristolainen is not worried about the future.

- All kinds of rumors always move at any time from anywhere, but I have no information about the beginning of the season.

I don’t read the news, and I don’t follow it further.

- I'm just waiting for a text message to come to my mobile phone when I know about it.

According to Ristolainen, no discussions have taken place about playing at the breeders' association TPS, for example.

- That, too, probably depends on the fact that if you got some preliminary dates from the NHL, you would be able to plan a little for the future.

While waiting for the NHL season to start, Ristolainen has enjoyed football.

He likes to follow it, in his own words, ten times more than hockey.

- I am a Liverpool fan and I follow a lot of football anyway.

I watch over 90 per cent of Liverpool’s games.

- I watch all the training and cup games, even if there is a kind of rotation and juniors on the field, Ristolainen says.

On Tuesday night, Ristolainen will once again be nailed to television when Liverpool meet Danish Midtjylland in the Champions League.