In Acigné, the Skumenn pub had to close.

But the brewery offers its beers to take away.


Skumenn Brewery

  • Closed since Saturday, some bars in Rennes are trying to offer their products to take away.

  • If this is not possible for everyone, it allows the bosses to work a little while a re-containment is considered.

  • Beer and wine are popular with customers who “need to treat themselves” despite restrictions linked to the coronavirus epidemic.

They didn't expect to lower the curtain so soon.

Stunned by the announcement of the prefect Michèle Kirry to close all the bars in Ille-et-Vilaine on Saturday, the bar owners are trying to organize themselves to continue working.

While many of them are completely unable to exercise due to Covid-19, some have had the idea of ​​offering their products to take away.

“Friday night, we saw people pouring in.

We exploded our record for direct sales, ”says Frédéric Leschallier of the Skumenn brewery.

Just opened, the pub in Acigné, near Rennes, had to close but the company continues to sell its beers to take away.

“During confinement, we had already been in great demand.

People want to have fun.

»Equipped with a kitchen, the brasserie will try to obtain authorization to open to offer catering, as had been planned for months.

On the Mitterrand mall, the same scene occurred on the shelves of the Epicerie du Mail, specializing in natural wines and local beers.

While the nearby Grands Gamins bar was struggling to calm its customers who were living their last evening before curfew, aperitif lovers stormed the shop.

“It was like the end of the world, like March 14th.

People wanted to laugh, to relax, ”explains boss Jérémy Leduc.

And above all, they stocked up.

The next day, the streets of the city were deserted.

As if the Covid, curfew and storm combo had signaled the end of recess.

No more open reindeer bar 2020 worst year 😑

- bsb (@MaximeBsb) October 23, 2020

"On Saturday, people did not understand why they could not have a coffee"

Open since 2017, the Epicerie du Mail has experimented with the delivery of its products at the time of containment.

A first for her, as for many.

“There was waiting, the desire to take advantage of good products,” continues his manager.

It is this desire to offer an alternative to supermarket wines and beers that prompted a group of friends to open the Les 400 coups bistro at the end of last year.

After four months of activity, the establishment, a fan of natural, biodynamic and microbrewery wines, had to close and opted for take-out bottles.

“It was a tiny part of the turnover but it made our employee work, it was good for everyone.

And then it offers an alternative to mass distribution, ”explains one of the founders.

In rue Vasselot, in Rennes, Maloan offers beers to take away.

- Maloan

At Maloan, specialist in draft beer in cans, mugs have been sold for years to take away.

With a catering license, the establishment can remain open for the moment, but its customers must eat in order to consume.

“Saturday was the worst day.

We had to explain it, people did not understand why they could not just drink a coffee, they were leaving super angry ”, says Marie Guinard, the founder.

By launching a beer cellar last year, she and her companion were able to work a bit during confinement.

At the time of the curfew, their take-out sales are likely to climb even if the uncertainty looms.

“In the spring, it had worked very well but it was nice and warm.

Here, it's autumn, we don't know how people will react ”.

Seeing the rush to wine merchants on Friday, one can think that the Bretons have kept the taste of the party.

Anything but a surprise.


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Some cafes remain open

Other establishments pass between the drops of prohibitions.

This is the case with fast food cafes that do not have the liquor license.

At the Bluebird Café, the new address on the Esplanade de Gaulle, customers flock in droves to have tea or espresso at the table.

“We have the right to open as usual.

It's a bit strange for bars that only work during the day.

I'm not going to complain, ”recognizes Antoine, manager of the establishment.

On Saturday it had its biggest day since opening in August.

The need to escape, to come together has not abandoned the Rennes people.

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