Eliminating the disparity between citizens and early realization of a zero nuclear power society Included in the basic policy draft October 28, 4:32

The Constitutional Democratic Party, which formed last month, has put together a draft basic policy in anticipation of the next House of Representatives election.

In addition to radically reviewing the entire tax system, including consumption tax, with the aim of eliminating disparities, it also incorporates the early realization of a "zero nuclear power society."

According to the draft of the basic policy compiled by the Constitutional Democratic Party, the economic policy aims to eliminate the disparity, drastically review the entire tax system such as income tax, consumption tax, and asset taxation, and strengthen the redistribution function by tax.

In addition, the energy policy aims to realize a "zero nuclear power society" as soon as possible, and the education and child-rearing policy plans to significantly expand university tuition exemptions and benefit-type scholarships.

Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of information disclosure and clearly states that the management of official documents will be strengthened by reviewing the way administrative documents are recorded.

The Constitutional Democratic Party will continue discussions based on this draft and hope to finalize the basic policy by the end of next month.