• Hope: "Italy can bend the curve." Bonaccini: "For now we have no other measures in mind"

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    Boccia: defense of life first of all.

    Bonaccini: conditional opinion from Regions


October 27, 2020 "If politics starts to rage, we arrive at a situation that is difficult to manage. I make the appeal of President Mattarella my own: we must avoid dividing".

This was stated by the president of the Emilia-Romagna region, Stefano Bonaccini.

We must "keep the debate on a civil level - he added -: there are people who are ill, we must help them, and not divide".

And "someone irresponsibly rides anger" must be avoided.

"In a moment like this, if once again there was a need, and I say this in a polite way, knowing that in the majority there is no coinciding point of view and it is understandable so. But since this pandemic has arrived that no one he expected, I think that never before would it be useful to take the 36 billion of the Mes ".

This was reiterated by the president of Emilia-Romagna speaking at Agorà on Rai3.

"Resources are needed immediately for health care, and moreover it would be a loan repaid at seven years less than what was given to you. We have seen, today, that public health is needed".


Bonaccini, with crazy closures in shopping centers

"I still think that more than restaurants closed at 11pm it was better to close shopping centers on weekends, all over the country. Now, with cinemas, theaters and restaurants closed, the risk is that in at weekends, even in the afternoon or evening, a number of people flock to the shopping malls in the heat that it is much more complicated to keep the distance ".

He added and reiterated the need for "robust compensation that will arrive within a few days" for the categories affected by the Dpcm.

And then, "if the Government could make some corrections - he said - it would give the sense of having understood that perhaps not everything has been done in the best way".