Faced with the deterioration of the indicators of the Covid-19 epidemic, a strengthening of health measures is expected.

Unlike March, schools and colleges could remain open, subject to a total revision of the health protocol.

Several options are on the table. 

Reinforced curfew, local or national confinement ... All the options seem on the table before the two Defense Councils Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing together the government and Emmanuel Macron.

New restriction measures seem inevitable due to the increase in coronavirus contaminations.

More than 26,000 cases of Covid-19 were indeed detected in 24 hours, Monday, while several epidemic indicators are deteriorating.

But unlike the confinement introduced in March, closing colleges and schools is not the preferred avenue for the moment, with a health protocol probably completely revised.

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 Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Tuesday, October 27

Several options on the table

Several avenues are being studied.

For the students most at risk of spreading the virus - high school students between 15 and 18 years old - it is planned to divide the class size in two.

Half of the students would thus be taught at home, with distance education.

Such a measure would halve the crowds in the playground and in the canteen, and therefore the risk of contamination.

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Another option on the table: have students wear masks from 6 years old in elementary school, or from CP.

Behind this track, a logic: a student who wears a mask and washes his hands several times a day under the supervision of an adult would be relatively protected at school.

Avoid a new school dropout

As for the teachers, the SNUipp-FSU, the main primary union, is asking for the opening of additional rooms, such as gymnasiums, and municipal staff to supervise small groups of students. 


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More broadly, the hypothesis of a new dropout of students for several weeks at this stage of the school year would have extremely serious repercussions that no one in government or among epidemiologists seem to be considering at this stage.