In addition, the Democratic Party is planning to convene a one-point plenary session on the 30th to resolve a motion to arrest Rep. Jeong-soon Jeong, who is accused of committing an accounting misconduct during the 4·15 general election.

An official from the Democratic Party said, "If Chung does not appear voluntarily, we will hold a plenary session on the 30th to handle the arrest bill."

The Democratic Party's in-hospital leadership plans to share this policy through a general assembly of parliamentarians, and finally confirm the issue of statute of limitations on the motion of arrest asserted by lawmakers at the Ministry of Justice.

The motion to arrest Chung will be reported to the plenary session of the National Assembly tomorrow. According to the National Assembly Act, a vote must be reached within 72 hours after the report of the plenary session.

(Photo = Yonhap News)