"It's amazing that only the hair taken out of the child's stomach is 1.5kg."

On the 27th, Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) and others are talking about the recent removal of 1.5kg of hair from the stomach of a 10-year-old girl by a medical staff at Nanfang Medical University Hospital in Guangdong, China.

The child's parents thought the child had a tumor due to his usual anemia and a hard stomach.

Afterwards, as the child continued to complain of abdominal pain, when he had a gastroscopy in the hospital, he learned that a huge amount of hair was filling his stomach.

At the time of initial diagnosis, the medical staff judged it as gastric stone disease, but when they looked through the gastroscopy, it was confirmed that the hair was wrapped up like iron wool along with food debris, which aggravated the child's stomach pain.

In response, Nanfang Medical University medical staff pulled all 1.5 kg of hair from the stomach through laparoscopic surgery over several hours.

The medical staff warned that you should never eat hair, saying, "If your stomach is full of hair, it can interfere with food digestion or absorption of nutrients, leading to anemia and malnutrition."

The girl's parents said, "I had a habit of eating my own hair from when I was two years old," and "I knew I had no habit from the age of five by not eating hair."

(Photo = Tungsten Capture, Yonhap News)