A Bolivian judge on Monday revoked the arrest warrant for the resigned President Evo Morales.

The order was issued in December because the president was charged with sedition and terrorism.

Morales is not yet free from prosecution.

The criminal investigation against Morales is still ongoing, but the ex-president is now in no danger of ending up in prison when he returns to his home country.

Authorities do want to summon the ex-president, so that he can come to a judge to defend the charges against him.

Morales stepped down in late November after weeks of protests against him.

Demonstrators accused the then president of electoral fraud.

He is said to have adjusted the results of the presidential election to avoid a second round of voting.

The Bolivian interim government sees Morales as responsible for the chaos that started in the country when he stepped down.

Morales lived in exile for a year.

Shortly after his resignation, he fled to Argentina and later to Venezuela.

It is still unclear if and when he will return to Bolivia.