According to news from TASS News Agency on the 27th, 124 employees of the Bolshoi Theater were diagnosed with the new crown virus, including theater actors and technicians. The number of confirmed cases is about 3% of the total number of theater employees.

  It is understood that the Bolshoi Theatre opened a new performance season on September 5 this year.

For the past two months, the theater has been working normally, during which only one performance has been cancelled.

The performances of other theaters in Moscow are similar.

Only a small number of theaters have recently announced suspension of work due to the severe epidemic.

  Officials of the Russian cultural department believe that the reason that theaters insist on performing regardless of the risk of the epidemic is because the new crown pneumonia epidemic that has lasted for nearly a year has made most cultural units unable to make ends meet.

Vladimir Tolstoy, the Russian President’s cultural adviser, said, “The complete home quarantine measures taken (because of the epidemic) caused the largest theaters and museums to exhaust all non-financial resources. The Grand Theater is a concrete example. The fiscal subsidy for 2020 is not enough to cover all the necessary expenses of the theater.” (Main Station reporter Song Yiping)