▲ During the last year's national audit, Wang Jeong-hong (center speaker), Director of ADD Nam Se-gyu (first left), and Deputy Director Kang Eun-ho (second from left)

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration is the command tower for the introduction and development of weapons of our military.

The first person is Commissioner Wang Jeong-hong, and the second person is Kang Eun-ho.

Deputy Director Kang is the second person in Bangsaengcheong, but he is a so-called bouncing character with a wide range of activities and a large amount of action, so he drew attention as well as the chief executive.

Most of all, Jaui Van Ta's is the largest variable of personnel under the minister, which is a concern of officials on the defense side, as they are often mentioned as the next vice minister of defense and the next head of the Bangsaeng.

It is known that such a deputy general manager suddenly applied for dismissal from the lawmaker late last week.

A number of officials from the Blue House and the Radiation Administration are confirming that Deputy General Manager Kang has applied for dismissal.

Dismissal from a member of the parliament is a retirement, which is'to get rid of the incumbent position according to what you want.'

Although he has applied for dismissal, no one believes he has completely quit his office.

Not only the Ministry of National Defense and the Radiation Administration, but also the defense industry and the Defense Science Research Institute (ADD) are struggling.

While interpretation of which pavements are hidden is divided, the theory of the ADD collection is prominently being raised.

The Blue House, the ruling party, the Bangsaengcheong, ADD, and the industry all at once point to the positions of the next ADD director.

Deputy General Kang's dismissal is also exceptional, and the ADD collection is also exceptional.

Director of ADD is the seat of leading defense science experts.

This is not a place for non-professionals to stay and leave.

● Why did he choose lawmakers to herbivores that deposed

the top bangsacheong defended from the bangsacheong when open agency bangsacheong in the Roh administration announced from the river Deputy.

From the Park Geun-hye administration to the Moon Jae-in administration, regardless of the owner of the government, he is known as a successful and successful resource.

If Deputy Director Kang has been promised to be the next vice minister of defense or the next chairman of the radiation agency, there is no reason to be dismissed.

By the time the press releases, you just need to be dismissed and receive a letter of appointment for the next seat.

Although he is known as a leading candidate for the Vice Minister or the Director of the Radiation Administration, there are many analyzes that the application for dismissal from the House of Representatives is not the appointment of the Vice Minister or Director of the Radiation Administration.

In December, the current director of ADD will leave, and the next director will take over.

Announcements for public offerings will be posted next month.

So, the prospect that Kang will be dismissed from the House of Representatives and apply for a public offering for the next ADD Director, the military, the Radiation Administration, and the industry are all over.

Mr. A of the Blue House said, "It is true that there is a story about going to ADD."

Mr. B of Bangsaengcheong pointed out that "the ADD collection is the most reasonable reasoning among the many scenarios."

Mr. B of a large defense company said, "If there is no physiologically clear promise of being a public servant for a lifetime, he will not move."

● Do you have expertise and affection as Director of ADD?

Director of ADD is the seat of top defense scientists.

Director Nam Se-gyu is an expert on guided weapons.

Only researched weapons in ADD.

Former Director Kim In-ho is also a Ph.D. in engineering who developed radars at ADD.

Former General Kim, former General General Hong-Yong Chung, was a reserve general, but he was in charge of reinforcing his power and developing weapons during his active duty.

He is an engineer who majored in mechanical engineering and network-oriented transfer in graduate school.

As ADD is responsible for the development of domestic weapons, an expert in research and development with thick bones in research and development and outstanding organizational control and vision, or a military weapon development expert was in charge of ADD.

The position of ADD, the mecca of independent defense, was a clean area that could not penetrate the regime's parachute or even attempted such a thing.

Deputy General Manager Eun-ho Kang specializes in'managing' weapons introduction and development projects.

Since the Radiation Administration is the agency that oversees ADD, I would have looked over my shoulder, but I do not know development and research.

The DNA of management and the DNA of research and development are completely different.

Nevertheless, as Deputy General Kang's ADD line is talked about, the reaction of Bangsaengcheong, military, ADD, and the industry is cold.

Mr. D of the ADD researcher said, "Even if ADD's status has fallen a lot, ADD is a national research institute responsible for the development of domestic weapons, the spear of independent defense." "Please don't use it."

The radiation agency investigated the ADD leak and held a press conference on June 25th.

At that time, Deputy General Manager Kang Eun-ho said, "Even though the department in charge of technology protection of ADD recognized the data leakage of retirees, it was arbitrarily terminated."

ADD was covered even if it knew it, so it means that the government officials recognized it late until the start of the media coverage.

ADD researchers who were familiar with the case went inside out.

It is a pity that Bangsachung, the supervisory authority, has moved away from the ADD as something bad happened.

Even if you weren't an ADD researcher, you couldn't find any affection for ADD in Kang's remarks that day.

ADD Researcher E said, "I'm snooping here and there.

● Why did you turn to ADD?

The name of Deputy General Manager Eun-ho Kang has never been mentioned in the ADD candidate for the next major general.

As mentioned earlier, Deputy Director Kang is a person who has been on the ranks of Jae Van Ta's anti-deputy vice minister of defense and chief of the Bangsaeng Agency.

So, inside the radiation agency, "I think I chose ADD because my competitiveness as a vice minister with the radiation agency is low.", "After spending 3 years at ADD, I think it is a stone that aims for the next director of the agency, with the careers of later directors and directors of ADD. "There are words coming out.

These internal opinions are in line with ADD researchers' concerns about non-expert parachuting.

At the end of August, I went to the Blue House quietly, and even on the 23rd, I went to somewhere alone during my workday, and some observations have been made that this is related to the application for dismissal.

The person who draws the greeting board for the next director of ADD and the person in charge of personnel need to listen to the voices outside the castle.

So far, there is good reason to have some of the best weapons development experts in the ADD position.

He pursued economic efficiency with security predominant by entrusting ADD to only those who knew the weapon development process intimately and could devote themselves to developing good weapons with researchers.

There was no time for'politics' to intervene.

Of course, there will be a lot of experts in the competition for ADD next month, so there is no guarantee that an unprofessional, Deputy General Manager Kang will be appointed.

However, many people are reading the political message of "Complicity for ADD is an act of catering" in Director Kang's actions these days.

Yesterday I called and sent a text message to Deputy Director Kang, but nothing came back.