Finns are one of the world's most active people in coloring their hair, according to the hair brand Biozell's press release.

To prevent hair color from fading unnecessarily between colorings, the sign prompts you to remember the following five tips to extend the duration of your hair color.

1. Do not wash your hair too quickly after coloring

Hair should not be washed for a few days after coloring.

The hair scales that opened during coloring are closed again after a couple of days, and the color fastness is greatly improved.

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2. Avoid hot water

Wash and rinse hair with cool or lukewarm water.

Hot water opens hair scales, making hair color fade more easily.

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3. Take care of colored hair properly

Dyed hair should be washed and treated with products specifically designed for them.

Shampoos developed for colored hair are often sulfate-free and wash the hair without fading.

Color hair conditioners maintain the hair's natural moisture and protect the hair's surface, making it water-repellent.

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4. Extend the washing interval

Biozell also suggests replacing the water wash in between with a dry shampoo.

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5. Protect hair color

Use styling products with heat protection when blow-drying or styling colored hair.

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6. Maintain and bright hair color

Even permanent dyes have time to fade considerably at intervals of 4 to 8 weeks without color maintenance.

Home tint is a very safe and easy way to maintain and brighten hair color.

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