Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae said on the 26th, "What would you say (answer)?" to a question that public opinion demanding his resignation is high.

Minister Chu replied with a laugh at the question of Rep. Jang Je-won, the power of the people, "Do you not agree with the opposition party's request for resignation?"

When Rep. Chang introduced the results of a public opinion poll that more than 50% of the people were negative to Minister Chu, Minister Chu said, "The media reported a whopping 310,000 cases about his son who had faithfully served in the military. If you report indiscriminately and conduct a public opinion poll, That's right. Congressman, too, try ministering."

Minister Chu said that “the main suspicions of the prosecutor-general's exclusion of command are far from the facts,” as Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Officer Park Soon-cheol expressed his appreciation on the 22nd. I hit it.

(Photo = Yonhap News)