Jyväskylä intends to erect a steel feather statue in memory of the late hill jumper Matti Nykänen.

The city reported on the matter on Monday night.

Following the vote, the city council decided that the Olympic winner’s memorial would be built in accordance with a draft design bearing the name Feather.

The feather shape of the monument to be erected at the planned Hippos Sports Park will be constructed from several adjacent ski-like shapes.

The monument will be created by artist Kaarina Kaikkonen.

According to the release, the lightweight shape refers to flying.

The middle bones of the feather follow the curve of the hill jumper and together form a trail with a pair of skis resembling Nykänen's first skis at the top.

Some hoped for a statue

During the discussion, Kauko Isomäki, the city councilor of the Basic Finns, also suggested that instead of a feather, Nykänen's memory be honored with a statue.

Jorma Holmstedt (center), among others, supported Isomäki's proposal to cancel the Feather Monument and oblige the statue committee to order a statue.

Illustration of artist Kaarina Kaikkonen's "Feather". Picture: City of Jyväskylä

According to the commissioners who made the counter-proposal, Nykänen, his relatives and the majority of Jyväskylä residents would like a statue, the city press release says.

The show crashed by 50-15.

In addition, one abstained.

Jyväskylä started a monument project in March last year.

Nykänen, who left Jyväskylä and lived in the city for a long time, died a month earlier in February.

Mountain Legend was a four-time Olympic winner.

Young Nykänen decorates the pedestal of the statue

The townspeople were also allowed to vote in the statue design competition in November last year.

According to the press release, nearly 16,000 votes were cast in the public vote and Höyhen came second in the vote.

Höyhen, on the other hand, won the vote carried out by the Central Finn.

The working group is said to have heard wishes from various quarters and discussed with Nykänen's relatives.

After this, the statue working group asked the artist Kaikko to complete her naturally expressed visibility wishes.

According to an additional sketch, a tile will be attached to the pedestal of the statue, on which the face of the young Matti Nykänen will be engraved in a drawing.

According to the city, the total cost of implementing the monument is 140,000 euros.

The monument will be placed in the vicinity of Köyhälampi in the planned Hippos sports park.

The realistic time to place the work in place is in 2022, the city says.