The new Corona virus continues to expand in several foci around the world as part of the second wave of spread, prompting Iran and European governments to tighten lockdown measures despite popular anger, amid fears of more severe waves.

The new Corona virus has caused the death of at least one million and 155 thousand people in the world since the end of last December, and the number of infected people worldwide has exceeded 43 million, of whom more than 29 million have recovered to date.

And the United States is the most affected country in terms of the number of deaths and injuries, with 225,000 deaths out of 8 million and nearly 650,000 injuries, according to the Johns Hopkins University census.

Brazil is followed by about 157,000 deaths out of 5 million injuries, followed by India, with 119,000 deaths and nearly 8 million injuries.

Peru is the country with the largest number of deaths relative to its population, with 104 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Belgium (93), Spain (74), and Bolivia (74).


closure tightened,

and the Iranian Ministry of Health announced that 337 deaths and 5,960 injuries had been recorded during the past 24 hours, and state television reported that this rate means that there is a death of Covid-19 every 4 minutes.

The head of the Iranian Corona virus operations team, Ali Reza Zali, told state television that some hospitals did not have beds to treat any new patients, adding, "Our doctors and nurses are tired, I urge everyone to abide by the rules."

The general lockdown in Iran was scheduled to end on Monday, but the authorities decided to extend the closure to November 20, and "strict measures and restrictions" will be imposed in 43 regions at least for a week.

Anger is mounting in Italy following the imposition of strict new measures, and many scholars have questioned the effectiveness of the measures after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte decided to close restaurants and bars from six in the evening and close theaters, cinemas and sports clubs for a month, saying, "(The measures) will enable us to be more comfortable. By Christmas. "

On Sunday, Italy - the first European country hit by the epidemic severely - recorded more than 21,000 new cases of the virus.

New controls went into effect on Monday in most of Slovenia's borders with Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

Spain declared a new national emergency and a night curfew, while France recorded a record number of daily injuries with more than 50 thousand cases, and extended the night curfew that affects areas inhabited by nearly 46 million people.

Officials in the French health sector announced the loss of control over the Corona pandemic, in conjunction with France recording 52,000 new infections yesterday, Sunday.

The head of the government advisory body to combat viruses, Jean-Francois Delfraissy, proposed the idea of ​​resorting to re-imposing a complete local lockdown, or extending the partial curfew that starts from nine in the evening until six in the morning, and has been imposed in half of the French administrative provinces.

In Germany, the Christian Democratic Union party led by Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the postponement of a conference scheduled to be held in early December to elect a new president, due to the increase in the number of injuries.

In Belgium, the number of patients undergoing treatment in intensive care units doubles every 8 days, as the number of cases reached 757 on Sunday, while more than 4,800 people are undergoing treatment in hospitals.

The spokesman for the Belgian Ministry of Health, Yves Van Leitem, said in a press conference that the beds of intensive care units in Belgium - which number two thousand - may become unavailable within two weeks if the rates continue to rise.

The Brussels region - one of the regions most affected by the virus in Europe - ordered the day before Saturday, Saturday, to close all cultural and sports facilities, and said that a curfew for a longer period would be imposed on residents from today.

The European Union - which is based in Brussels - stated that it had reduced meetings of experts and senior officials, and decided to hold more videoconferences.

In Australia, Melbourne's 5 million people received news of the lifting of the lockdown measures this week after a long wait. "It was a very difficult year, and the people of Victoria sacrificed a lot, and I am proud of every one of them," said Daniel Andrews, Victoria's state chief.

The Arab region,

and the Sultanate of Oman announced today that 16 deaths and 422 injuries have been recorded, Libya has 6 deaths and about 1,210 injuries, while Sudan has recorded only 3 cases of the virus.

Iraq also announced the death of 48 of its citizens, while Saudi Arabia recorded 17 deaths, and Kuwait 3 deaths from the virus.

In Tunisia, 164 deaths and 3,600 HIV infections were recorded within 3 days.