US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, on Monday kicked off a crucial week in their presidential campaigns, as the Senate votes to appoint a judge to the Supreme Court despite Democrats' opposition.

Trump visited Pennsylvania today to hold meetings with his supporters in 3 cities, and Pennsylvania is one of the states that are described as swing states, and they will have a role in determining the winner, and both candidates seek to win over hesitant voters.

During the remainder of the week before the November 3 election, Trump will make several rounds in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Arizona and Nevada.

As for Biden, he continues his campaign in his state of Delaware, and is scheduled to travel on Tuesday to Georgia and stop in its capital, Atlanta, as well as in the city of Worm Springs, which has 400 thousand residents.

In support of the Democratic candidate’s campaign, former President Barack Obama will participate in an election rally in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday. Last Wednesday, he participated directly for the first time in Biden’s campaign at a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

At that time, Obama attacked the incumbent president, saying that he was unable to seriously deal with the burdens of the presidency, and that he had taken the presidency as a means of displaying and attracting attention, accusing him of lying.

Biden during a rally held days ago in Bristol, Pennsylvania (Reuters)

Mutual attacks, and

with the election date approaching, the mutual attacks between Republican and Democratic candidates are increasing, with record numbers of Coronavirus infections recorded in the United States, which have so far recorded nearly 9 million HIV infections and 230,000 deaths.

During a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump said today that he has not given up in the battle against the Corona epidemic.

On Sunday, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows made a statement that implied that the Trump administration had succumbed to the epidemic, and in a tweet on Twitter, Biden considered Meadows' statement an explicit admission that the current administration raised the banner of the white defeat in the hope that the virus would disappear.

Trump responded by saying that Biden "raised the white flag throughout his life," saying that his rival "remains underground, he is a pitiful candidate."

Today, the American “CBS” channel broadcast the full episode of the "60 Minutes" program, which included an interview with Trump, from which he withdrew due to what he saw as a prejudice against him in the dialogue.

In an interview with the same program, Biden described the president's approach to dealing with the Corona epidemic as completely irresponsible, and that the country is in real trouble.

The Democratic candidate ruled out closing the economy completely to control the epidemic, accusing Trump of embracing every tyrant and failing America's friends, describing Russia as the most dangerous security threat to the United States, and describing China as the biggest competitor.

He noted that North Korea is now possessing more lethal missiles, and that Iran has enough fissile material to produce a nuclear weapon.

Record turnout

Meanwhile, a week before the election, Americans continue to vote heavily, either in person or by mail, and the number of those who voted has reached 60 million so far.

The number of those who cast their votes via mail exceeded about 40 million voters, while the number of those who voted directly in the polling stations exceeded 19 million and 400 thousand voters.

Texas is the state in which the largest number of voters cast their votes so far, as their number exceeded 7 million, which is 8% of the total number of those who cast their votes in the previous presidential election.

According to estimates by the US Election Project at the University of Florida, voting with such intensity could lead to the highest turnout in elections in more than a century.

Polls still indicate the Democratic candidate’s progress at the national level, but the same polls indicate that the two candidates are very close in states that may be critical in determining the winner, such as Florida and Pennsylvania.

A poll conducted by the Ipsos Institute revealed that Biden is eight points ahead of Trump at the national level.

According to the same poll, Americans are ready to accept the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections, amid fears of violence that may follow the elections this year, prompting officials in some cities and states to take extraordinary measures to prepare for any eventuality.

Senators vote

On the other hand, the US Senate is scheduled to vote tonight to appoint Judge Amy Connie Barrett, President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.

The Republicans - who constitute the majority in the Senate - had passed a resolution yesterday setting a time limit for deliberations before the vote on the appointment.

The decision prevented Democratic lawmakers from taking advantage of stalling measures to delay the final vote on a female judge.

Democrats have criticized Republicans seeking to press ahead with the appointment process just a week before the election.