The majority of the EU and EU 27 member states reported that they supported Nigeria's candidate Kogoji, not the head of the Trade Bargaining Headquarters of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, in the final election of the WTO Secretary General of the World Trade Organization.

Ambassadors from EU member states gathered together yesterday (26th) to discuss who they would support among Nigeria's candidates for coagulation with Myeong-hee Myung-hee, who made the finals.

The AFP says most of its 27 member states supported the Nigerian candidate, and while about 10 countries preferred Yu, these countries agreed to follow the majority opinion.

However, he added that the two countries continue to object.

The AFP explained that it is unclear whether the EU will decide unanimous support for the Nigerian candidate until today, the final day of the talks.

Since the 19th, the WTO has been conducting a final preference survey of the two candidates who made the finals against 164 member states.

The AFP says it is one of Hungary and the Baltic States that oppose the Nigerian candidate. Ambassadors from EU member states will hold additional meetings to see if the two opposing countries agree to support the Nigerian candidate.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)