Entertainment artist Samuli Edelmann has been turned into a fake profile on social media, with the help of someone trying to cheat money and payment card information from people.

Information about the fake profile was already circulating last week, and according to an IS investigation, some of them have already had time to catch the scammers' bait by mistake.

In the fake profile, people are encouraged to register for a contest where they could comfortably win a “€ 1,000 cash gift”.

One of the strayers has contacted IS and, in support of her scam speeches, shown various documents to Karoliina, whom she visited, now on Monday morning.

- The fake profile made in Samuli Edelmann's name seemed very real.

When I went to see Edelmann's real Instagram account afterwards, for example, there were even the same pictures that the scammer had used, Karoliina says.

A profile made in Samuli Edelmann’s name is cheating money on Facebook.

According to Karolinaina, Samuli Edelmann's fake profile administrator had first sent her a friend request on Facebook.

- In my busy morning, I went in my stupidity to register for the competition.

When the process didn’t seem to be progressing and the fake profile administrator asked me to register with my second card, then at that point I noticed that money was starting to disappear from my bank account.

The amounts were small, less than five differences.

Karoliina says that at this stage she gave up early to enter the information of her second payment card as well.

Shortly afterwards, he decided to investigate the matter and also filed a criminal complaint.

- Fortunately, I noticed that the money disappeared immediately, because otherwise even larger sums of money could have been lost.

I managed to write off my payment card information immediately, Karoliina explains.

Edelmann warned his fans on Instagram

Known as a longtime actor and singer, Edelmann is aware of scam attempts made in his own name.

Edelmann posted a warning message on the subject on his own official Instagram account.

- Dear friends.

There are a lot of scam messages and profiles circulating in my name right now.

Be careful with these and always report to Facebook and Insta maintenance.

NOTE - My official website never collects money or asks for payment card information.

I also don’t send personal messages to my fans.

Peace and love for all, Edelmann wrote on Instagram.

However, scam attempts continue.

- It's really sad to hear that scam attempts continue, Edelmann tells IS now.

- Of course, it is really wrong and sad that a lot of scam messages and profiles are circulating in my name at the moment.

Entertainment artist Samuli Edelmann has warned his fans about scam attempts. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Edelmann says he has asked people to be vigilant and always report possible violations to the operators of some channels.

- My official website never raises money from fans or asks for payment card information, Edelmann underlines.