“They are different from Shaolin Temple.”

Recently, a policeman from Shaolin Temple, a martial arts master in China,


500 meters like the wind and caught a suspected drunk driving.

According to the China International Radio and Weibo on the 26th, a man who drunk driving on a street in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, China, abandoned his car and ran away in the middle of this month and learned martial arts for four years at Shaolin Temple. I got caught in the chase.

When the killer found a police checkpoint while driving while drunk, he pulled up a car on the side of the road, and when the police noticed him, he suddenly abandoned the car and started running away.

The distance between the suspect and the police was more than 100 meters, but the police suddenly speeded up, and shortly after running, he gently grabbed him and arrested him.

When he was young, he studied martial arts at Shaolin Temple for four years, and after graduating from high school, he completed a police school and became a police officer.

Even after becoming a police officer, he continued his martial arts training, and in the meantime, he made a lot of contributions, including catching more than 10 wanted criminals.

All of his colleagues who knew his martial arts well responded, saying, "This is what I expected."

When the video of the police arrests spread to Weibo and others, netizens said, "This is the best policeman," "The policeman from Shaolin Temple is amazing."

(Photo = China International Radio Capture, Yonhap News)