Chinese phone maker Xiaomi talks about its new wireless charging technology.

According to the release, this is as much as 80 watts of Mi charging technology, which allows an empty 4000 mAh battery to be fully charged in 19 minutes.

On one minute, the battery accumulates 10 percent charge and in 8 minutes 50 percent charge, Xiaomi promises.

4000 mAh is a relatively typical smartphone battery capacity.

The measurements were made by Xiaomi himself in his laboratory.

When asked, however, Xiaomi denies that this was the ideal result achieved under laboratory conditions.

According to it, the test was performed at normal room temperature.

However, the company acknowledges that room temperature can affect charging speed.

Xiaomi has previously offered 50 watts of wireless charging, promising that its Mi 10 Ultra phone will fully charge in 40 minutes.

In the GSMArena test, the promise was roughly true.

Wireless charging typically involves power loss.

An 80-watt charge also raises the issue of overheating and battery life.

Traditionally, fast charging has protected the battery from excessive wear, limiting the charging rate as the battery approaches full charge.

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    This is how the expert answers

Xiaomi says he controls heat generation with a fan in the charger and internal solutions.

According to the company, an 80-watt charge does not destroy the battery life, but the battery capacity can remain more than 80 percent after 800 charges, which is the standard in the Chinese market.

Xiaomi points out that modern batteries are optimized for wireless charging.

Xiaom's new wireless charging seems faster than even competitors' fast wired charging.

For example, another Chinese manufacturer’s OnePlussa’s new 8T phone supports 65-watt charging on the cord, and Huawei’s new Mate 40 Pro again has 66-watt charging.

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Said Mi 10 Ultra supports in addition to 50 watts wireless charging, 120 watts wired charging.

So Xiaomi is seriously trying to get rid of the download, perhaps to make up for its shortcomings in the field of security, for example.

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The mystery is what is the company’s first phone to support 80-watt wireless charging.

According to Xiaom, the charger is still in the development stage and the company has yet to ensure that it runs smoothly in mass use.

The company also does not say whether the charger can be purchased separately.