Vitali Petrov has resigned from the judging position in the Portuguese F1 race on Sunday, says the International Automobile Federation FIA.

The ex-driver decided on the matter after the tragic events.

His father, Aleksandr Petrov, was the victim of an assassin on Saturday at his Säkkijärvi villa.

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Vitali Petrov did not feel he would be able to perform the duties of an F1 judge after terrible events.

According to, he immediately returned from Portugal to his home in Russia when he heard about the grief news.

He served on the F1 jury for the first time in his life this weekend.

Petrov managed to publish a video from the F1 depot on Instagram after driving on Saturday.

F1 series leader Lewis Hamilton said before the weekend that Petrov should not have been elected to the jury.

The British driver did not like the comments made by the Russian to the public on equality issues.

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Petrov's place on the F1 jury on Sunday will be taken by Bruno Correia.

A Portuguese ex-racing motorist has driven a safety car in a Formula E series, among other things.