The 25-year-old man was moved from prison to a psychiatric ward in Sundsvall almost a month ago.

Then he felt very bad.

- We had made the assessment that he felt better since he came here in September, says Bengt Eriksson, acting head of operations at Rättspsyk in Sundsvall.

According to the man's defender, his behavior during their meetings has not led to concern about suicide.

- It's surprising.

There was an understanding of his condition after the incident in Strömsund and that was why he ended up in forensic psychiatry.

But this kind of thing should not happen, says lawyer Jan-Åke Nyström, the man's defender.

- We had surveillance on him every quarter but still he managed to hang himself in his cell, says Bengt Eriksson.

Is it common for inmates to succeed in taking their own life on legal grounds?

- No, it is actually very unusual, but when it happens, a lex Maria report is always submitted to the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate, so that it can be investigated whether we have broken our routines.