Jean Castex and Michèle Rubirola during a meeting in October 2020 -


After a meeting with the Prime Minister, visiting Marseille this Saturday, the ecological mayor of France's second city called on Jean Castex to intervene to rebalance the powers between the city and the metropolis, chaired by his main political rival, the former LR candidate for municipal elections Martine Vassal.

"It is up to the State to modify this situation urgently", insisted the new mayor of Marseille, in a press release, after his meeting with the Prime Minister in his office at the town hall.

Without room for maneuver

Affirming that "the legacy of 25 years of risky management (by the former LR municipality of Jean-Claude Gaudin) leaves it without the leeway necessary to invest for the future of the city", Michèle Rubirola regretted that " the land use planning tools in terms of housing or public transport "are" held "in the Aix-Marseille metropolitan area" by Marseille opposition representatives ".

"Those who seriously failed yesterday at the head of the town hall of Marseille continue, against the choice of the Marseille people, to guide the fate of an entire city", denounced the environmentalist mayor of Marseille, in direct reference to Martine Vassal.


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