On October 25, the "Inner Mongolia Daily" published an Inner Mongolia Party Committee Organization Department's "Announcement on Announcement of Proposed Cadres", which publicized 19 proposed cadres.

Liu Song

  Among them, Liu Song, member of the party committee and vice president of the Ordos Vocational College, and vice chairman of the Ordos Science and Technology Association, intends to be promoted to the deputy department-level leadership position of the organs directly under the autonomous region.

  According to the official resume, Liu Song, born in September 1978, Mongolian, graduated from Columbia University in the United States and Oxford University in the United Kingdom, master of public administration, master of business administration, associate professor, member of the Communist Party of China.

  According to the official website of Ordos Vocational College, Liu Song assisted the party committee secretary of the college in charge of the Communist Youth League, student management, comprehensive governance and student work, and assisted the dean in charge of state-owned asset management, daily financial approval, scientific research, library construction and management, and TV University branch Responsible for the Youth League Committee, Student Affairs Office (Armed Department), Finance Office, Research Industry Office (Vocational Education Research Institute), Library, TV University Branch School; Contact Information Engineering Department.

  Ordos Vocational College is a public full-time general higher vocational college established by the Ordos Municipal Government, approved by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government in April 2007, and registered with the Ministry of Education in April 2009.

  The Paper Journalist Jiang Ziwen