Recently, Vice President Hyun Song-wol is often spotted wherever Chairman Kim Jong-un goes.

We are more familiar with the practice of First Vice President Kim Yeo-jeong, but it has become difficult to see recently.

Reporter Ayoung Kim analyzed the reason.


A woman who runs across the screen as Chairman Kim Jong-un walks, is Vice President Hyun Song-wol, well known as Sam Ji-yeon orchestra leader.

They take in flowers while wearing wireless earphones, and sometimes turn crooked chairs.

Chairman Kim is in charge of the protocol closest to him.

[Chosun JoongAng TV reported on the 14th: Comrade Yongwon Cho, Comrade Hyun Songwol, and Comrade Kim Myung-shik were accompanied.]

On the other hand, it became difficult to see the first vice president Kim Yeo-jeong, who had practiced closely.

Five months ago, at the completion ceremony of the fertilizer plant, he looked like he was carrying a pedestal right next to Chairman Kim, but Chairman Kim was left out of the entourage group for two months while busy at the flood damage site.

In particular, he did not show up at the large group gymnastics visit held immediately after the fever byeongsik ceremony, but it is in contrast to the situation last year when he began to watch as the first vice president of the Propaganda Department in charge of promoting the system.

It is interpreted as a change in accordance with Kim Yeo-jung's reinforced status, such as the evaluation of taking control of the organizational leadership, the core of the Labor Party's power.

[Jung Gyeong-doo/Former Minister of Defense (Last August, National Assembly Defense Committee): (I see the position of Kim Yeo-jeong) as the first vice-president of the organizational leadership.)]

[Yunjugyeong / the national forces Senator (Last August, the National Assembly gukbangwi): malyijyo appropriate authority of Kim Yo-jong became mighty]

[jeonggyeongdu / former Defense Minister (August, Congress gukbangwi): we are also looking at that -

once As the surprise visit of Kim Yeo-jeong to the United States was discussed in October, there are also observations that the protocol will be handed over to Hyun Song-wol, and Kim Yeo-jeong will soon show off a second-person level public move in charge of the issue of South Korea.

(Edit: Yonghwa Jung)