Formula One’s Portuguese gp weekend has followed a familiar pattern.

Valtteri Bottas has kept the fastest pace in rehearsals, but as the picture of the season shows, Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton is bustling past in time or at the latest in the race.

At the Portimao track, Bottas was the fastest driver of the weekend until Saturday’s time trial, but Hamilton grabbed his ninth pole position of the season.

Bottas has made it to the pole position three times and won two races this season.

Hamilton has won seven races and is a solid leader in the World Series.

The freezing pace of Bottas ’weekend highlights and Hamilton’s hard blow in time and races have sparked speculation as to whether Hamilton will hide his best pace before the weekend’s highlights.

In practice and in the early stages of the time trial, slower than Bota, Hamilton could possibly get extra help from Mercedes to defeat his teammate and underline his position as the number one driver.

- That's a good question.

I have nothing to hide and I will not withhold anything.

I never thought it would work, Hamilton told

The Mercedes duo has grabbed all the Pile Places of the season.

On Saturday, Hamilton grabbed the pole position from Bottas with his compression at the end of the time trial.

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Hamilton remembers that in formula three, some drivers tried to schedule their best pace in the race.

- I also tried something like that in formula threes, but it didn't turn out to be a good (tactic), so it hasn't been part of my driving philosophy, Hamilton opened.

For the race starting today at 3:10 p.m., the Mercedes will start from the front row and try to consolidate their position in the top spot of the World Cup battle.

The lead to the second Red Bull is murderous 391-211.

Hamilton has amassed 230 World Cup points and Bottas 161, so the British Seventh World Championship no longer requires much effort.

After Portugal, five more races will be run.