In a television episode broadcast last Friday, and in a heated debate between two French thinkers known for their controversial positions, French philosopher Michel Onfray praised Muslims for the famous French program "Face à l'Info" on CNews, in his debate with journalist and writer Eric Zamour about the recent events in the country.

Onfray - known as an atheist - considered that Islam offers a system liberated from materialism, saying that "Muslims teach us a lesson in anti-materialism," and added, "because whatever your opinion, these are people with an idealistic idea, a spiritual idea."

The two interlocutors agreed that France is experiencing something like a "clash between two civilizations" and a "civil war", while Zemmour - known for his pro-right-wing and anti-Muslim stances in France - said that Islam is a "political force" that wants "revenge on Europe."

Michel Onfray: “Il s'agit d'une guerre civile quand des Français tuent d'autres Français”

- CNEWS (@CNEWS) October 23, 2020

Onfray considered that "Muslims have a sense of honor," which is "something extremely rare in the West today," he said.

The French philosopher believes - in the dialogue - that Muslims "have morals and values," saying that they "believe that sex with anyone, when you want, and as you want, is not necessarily a very honorable thing towards women," which is what Onfray sees "a matter of dignity, because these People have morals of honor. "

The separatist controversy

In early October, Onfray wrote an article in response to the speech made by French President Emmanuel Macron on "Islamic separatism," and considered that France "does not pursue a civilized policy for a good and simple reason, which is that it does not have a policy and despises its civilization." 1969, and precisely since the disappearance of General Charles de Gaulle's policy.

Onfray - who said that the French media class has an interest in being silent about his positive productions, which include about 50 books - said that France ranks with the United States, which is looking for new enemies after the fall of the Soviet empire;

This is because America needs war, and thus to produce, sell and use weapons, as the military-industrial complex forms the basis of this young country, whose age has not exceeded 3 centuries, as the French philosopher put it.

Michel Onfray: “Les musulmans nous donnent une leçon d'anti-matérialisme” #Facealinfo

- CNEWS (@CNEWS) October 23, 2020

"So we know why the United States went to war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and the southern African coast, this is its commercial interest. But why then does France find itself in a position to support the US army, for any benefit? What is our legitimacy in bombing Afghan mountain villages and destroying families and children," Onfray said. And women, old and old?

"We have to leave the Islamic countries that do not directly threaten us with peace," he added.

Onfray denounced the invasion of countries that did not harm France under the pretext of consolidating human rights, an argument that he said conceals the goals of neo-colonialism and business, while Muslim, poor and militarily ill-equipped countries are invaded, causing the death of civilians.

"Those who say that France feared Iraq and Libya because these secular regimes were friendly regimes, to the extent that France helped Saddam Hussein in his nuclear project, supplied him with French fighters during the era of Chirac, and even received Colonel Gaddafi with great fanfare, including when he set up his Bedouin tent." In Marigny Park, in the era of Nicolas Sarkozy. "

And he also added, "Who says that the millions in France committed attacks on (French) national soil?"

Denouncing the French state’s prevention of Mali from self-determination and sovereignty, "even if it established an Islamic regime, in the name of any interest we could have allowed ourselves to prevent? Unless the reasons were neo-colonialism."

"We know from Mali that the West does not care about human rights in the countries of Africa, as half a century has passed since colonialism and neo-colonialism, and human rights are the least concerns of Western and French rulers in this exploiting continent (Africa). The West exists to steal African peoples with the complicity of their corrupt rulers."

Onfray - who considered that Islamophobia must be put to an end in France and the ideological character of history should be removed - said that he had no doubt that Emmanuel Macron was a follower of the American philosopher and political theorist Francis Fukuyama (the author of the idea of ​​the end of history and the last man).

Contradictory visions of French intellectuals

The writer and journalist Eric Zemmour is known for his anti-Muslim stances in France, and in a previous report for Le Monod newspaper, he pointed out that the balance of power in the world is not economic as much as it is demographic, and stated that demographic growth has turned against the whites, who were 4 times Africa, colonized the world and exterminated the Indians The Reds and the indigenous people and enslaved the Africans, and he explained that the trend of the current today has reversed, and that the whites have become the ones who, for the new immigrants, will replace the Indians and slaves.

He said that the banner of the new immigrants is Islam, stressing that all the problems of France, such as unemployment, the shortage of schools, hospitals and others, have increased the severity of the presence of immigrants, and thus Islam increased that intensity.

He said that concepts such as coexistence, tolerance and others are no longer valid today, because immigrants who preserve all elements of their identity and want to adhere to the Sharia will subject the original French to the provisions of Sharia and Halal, and thus "they will treat us as colonialists, through jihad, their means of Kalashnikovs and their robes."

On the other hand, Onfray believes - according to a previous report by Al-Jazeera Net - that the new Corona virus pandemic will constitute a new stage within the "collapse of the Judeo-Christian civilization", according to the analysis he presented in his book "Decadence", in which he considered that Western civilization is in a continuous collapse, and is in a state of Al-Haram, referring to the absence of real literary and artistic creativity in his review of the manifestations of the decline of the West.

The pandemic shows - according to the French philosopher - the incompetence of the head of state and government, and the incoherence and contradiction of President Emmanuel Macron's speeches (such as the call to stay at home and go to vote).

This leads to distrust of the president "who does not obey anyone".

Onfray goes on to say that Europe's ideology is crumbling, as a result of the liberal policy that justifies placing the elderly in hospital corridors and letting them breathe their last breath, as well as throwing the medical team into the "battlefield", and the inability to provide them with masks or even alcohol sanitizer;

Not all of them portend the fall nor just hasten it, but also fully show the paths that this fall is taking.

He says that the media monitor death around the clock, and puts the French in front of this existential dilemma.