Boycotts have been launched in stores in the Gulf states of Kuwait and Qatar, and the largest opposition party in Jordan has urged the country's residents to stop buying French goods.

Photos of store employees in Kuwait picking out French cheeses from the brands Kiri and Babybel can be seen on social media, reports the news agency AFP.

In Qatar, the food chains al-Meera and Souq al-Baladi have announced that they are removing French goods from their store shelves for the time being.

In several places, people have also demonstrated against Macron's statements and his defense of the publication of Muhammad's cartoons, including in Tel Aviv in Israel, where about 200 people demonstrated outside the French ambassador's residence on Saturday.

"The Prophet Muhammad is the holiest of Islam and the one who attacks his honor attacks an entire people," one of the protesters, Amin Bukhari, told AFP.