China News Agency, Paris, October 24 (Reporter Li Yang) The relationship between France and Turkey is tense. Turkish President Erdogan made remarks criticizing French President Macron on the 24th, which triggered dissatisfaction from the French side.

French officials announced that night the recall of the French ambassador to Turkey.

Data map: French President Macron.

  Erdogan delivered a speech in the central Turkish city of Kayseri on the 24th, criticizing Macron's attitude towards Islam and Muslims, and said Macron "needs spiritual treatment."

He also hinted that he was not optimistic about Macron's performance in the future French elections.

  The French Presidential Palace criticized Erdogan’s above remarks as “unacceptable” and pointed out that “excessive and rude” is not the solution to the problem; the French side requires Erdogan to change its policies and guidelines because “from various angles” Looking at the relevant policies are'dangerous'."

  French officials announced that night the recall of the French ambassador to Turkey.

French public opinion generally believes that this is a rare diplomatic move; French BFM television said that the recall of France's ambassador to Turkey should be the first time in the history of modern French-Turkish diplomatic relations.

  Officials of the French Presidential Palace revealed that after the French history teacher Samuel Patty was beheaded to death on the 16th in the suburbs of Paris, France noticed that the Turkish leader had not "expressed messages of condolences and support" to the French side.

He also expressed concern about voices in Turkey calling for a boycott of French goods.

  After Samuel Patty was killed, France sought to strengthen secularism and consolidate French republican principles.

According to media reports from Agence France-Presse and other media, France may promote the implementation of related bills in December, including issues that will exacerbate tensions between France and Turkey, such as strengthening financial control over mosques.

  In addition, France and Turkey have recently diverged on a number of regional focal issues, including the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia surrounding the Nagorno-Karabakh (Naka) region.