- It has been absolutely fantastic.

The children make great progress and are very happy.

You can see that they love to skate, says coach Ann-Marie Lindqvist.

Special equipment

After Kalmar municipality a year ago contributed with a so-called no-fall equipment, Kalmar Figure Skating Club has been able to offer figure skating training for people with disabilities.

The equipment consists of a rail in the ceiling, from which three slings hang down.

By tying yourself in a harness, you can skate in a safe way, without having to worry about falling.

The equipment has previously been used for advanced figure skating jumps, but through the Jämlik ice rink project has also started to be used as support for children with various types of disabilities.

Calms at the forefront

Jämlik ice rink is a national project that was started in 2013, and which is financed by the General Heritage Fund.

During the 2014/2015 season, a total of around 300 children were trained.

- What is tricky is that there must be interest from the municipality, the special school and our coaches and leaders, everyone must work together, says Per Adler who is project manager for Jämlik ice rink.

Through an extensive collaboration with the municipality's special schools, Kalmar Figure Skating Club has had more than 80 children with disabilities in training during the past year.