The Google search engine provides audio samples from several common and even more special animals if you type the correct phrase into the search term.

For example, the search “what sound does a cat make” produces a button that you press to hear a roaring cat.

You can replace the cat with another animal and in many cases you will hear its animation.

Obviously, the search cannot be done in Finnish to get sound samples, or at least the searches tried by IS Digitoday did not yield any results.

For example, the search “what the cat says” provides a video on the subject, but not a button on the sound sample.

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In total, there are sound samples from 57 animals all the way down to the alligator, ant and dinosaur.

Admittedly, the voices of dinosaurs are based only on enlightened guesses.

Some of the samples are inherently strange anyway.

For example, a butterfly is a strange choice, as it doesn’t make much noise - which now flips its wings a little.

However, even the Internet giant Google seems powerless to face the big question.

Google can't respond with a voice sample to what a fox says.