Russian forensic investigators have not made a breakthrough in the murder investigation of Alexander Petrov, 61, who was called the real ruler of Vyborg.

According to 47News, forensic scientists believe Petrov was shot in front of the sauna in his villa on the other side of the river.

The death took place on Saturday night just as the sun was setting at about half past six, so the killer was able to escape immediately in the dark.

However, the night before Sunday at about three o'clock, the crime scene investigators reported that they had found the escape route and direction of the suspected murderer.

Instead, a murder weapon, or sniper rifle, has yet to be found, at least, although investigators suspected the murderer might have thrown it into the terrain while fleeing.

- It cannot be said that we have found anything important, one of the researchers said anonymously to Russian newspapers.

The Russian Commission of Inquiry has released pictures and videos of last night's searches from Petrov's villa.

The video below shows the material filmed by the committee of inquiry in front of the sauna where the death took place.

Pictures of the place of death published by the Russian Committee of Inquiry. Image: Russian Committee of Inquiry

Photo: Russian Investigative Committee / AOP

Photo: Russian Investigative Committee / AOP

According to forensic investigators, the killing appears to have been carefully planned and ordered, so an investigation has been launched specifically under the title of assassination.

Petrov was killed with a single shot in the chest in the side area, a spokesman for the Russian committee of inquiry told the media.

According to the news site Fontanka, the shot hit the heart directly.

Vyborg is currently considering whether Petrov's murder is linked to an ongoing fraud investigation in the city.

It is suspected that the officials of the Vyborg district have blackmailed more than 1.5 billion rubles, or about 20 million euros, for themselves and the companies they control.

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Due to the fraud scandal, Vyborg District Director Gennady Orlov is already under house arrest and the head of the district finance committee Alexander Bolutshevsky is under remand.

Petrov had been ordered to appear before the committee of inquiry on the subject on Monday, but the assassin did first.

It is not known whether the committee of inquiry wanted to hear Petrov as a witness or suspect in connection with the misuse of budget funds.

(In the video below, the forensic investigator tells in Russian about the investigation in front of Petrov's villa.)

After Petrov's murder, information came to light that thieves had visited his villa in the village of Tapiola in Säkkijärvi last week.

Petrov himself recently visited Israel, so it is not known if he was in the city during the thieves' visit.

47 According to News, a safe with cash and valuable watches had been taken from Petrov's villa.

There would have been more to steal in the house, but only the safe had been taken away.

According to an unnamed police source, Petrov reported the theft to authorities, but he did not want to make a formal criminal report.

He had justified his refusal on the grounds that the public handling of the theft could have caused him reputational damage.

Petrov had said that he had 500,000 rubles in cash in his safe, which is about 5,500 euros at the current exchange rate of the ruble.

According to the news site, there were no burglary marks in the house or any traces of robbers looking for anything else to take away.

It has been inferred from this that the thieves may have been primarily interested in the documents in the safe.

The money allocated for the renovation of Vyborg city center has been lost in a tangle of fraud where officials are suspected of having paid for fictitious repairs.

The picture shows the newly renovated bell tower of the old cathedral.Photo: Dmitri Semjonov

Petrov's murder has widely shocked the people of Vyborg and also St. Petersburg, as he was a very well-known influencer in the region.

Many Finnish visitors to Vyborg also know, or at least know, Petrov, who began to grow his business empire during the Soviet era, starting with very modest trocar business.

Along the way, suspicions of links to organized crime have also been linked to Petrov.

One leading idea is that the murder of Petrov may be underpinned by a power and money redistribution attempt of the early 1990s.

According to Russian media reports, Petrov had holdings in at least 47 different companies, covering a wide range of Vyborg business operations.

Pavel Vorobyov, Plenipotentiary of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region, recalled that Petrov had influence in both politics and business.

Petrov was one of the representatives of United Russia, a supporter of President Vladimir Putin's support party.

- He influenced many political issues that took place in Vyborg and the surrounding area.

Without a doubt this is a redistribution of influence, economic and political influence, Vorobyov estimates the motives for the murder to the Fan news agency.

The fan news agency is part of the media cluster of Yevgeny Prigozhin, a St. Petersburg troll manufacturer known as “Putin’s chef”.