The Washington Post reported that a young American citizen named Alexander Triesman planned to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden, using a truck full of weapons and explosives.

The newspaper said the suspect had stayed at a hotel about 4 miles from Biden's home in Delaware.

She stated that federal court documents in North Carolina showed that this young man began drawing his plan to assassinate the Democratic candidate at the beginning of last March, after he asked on social media whether he should kill Biden, and the federal authorities took the threat posed seriously.

According to the authorities, the young man began planning to assassinate Biden, after it was confirmed last March that he would be the Democratic candidate for the presidency.

The Washington Post said 19-year-old Triesman searched for Biden's address over the Internet and bought a gun in the northern state of New Hampshire.

The newspaper revealed that the police arrested the young man this month in North Carolina, after being suspected of carrying a concealed weapon and cards for several states, and police officers found in his truck weapons he had bought from at least 4 states, and he wrote about how to manufacture explosives.

According to the Washington Post, the arrest of the young man is not the first episode in the threats against the Democratic candidate. Last Wednesday, the authorities arrested a 42-year-old man from Maryland over a letter threatening to kill Biden and his deputy, Kamala Harris.