Have you considered using natural cosmetics, but the prices seem unnecessarily high for buying jars blindly?

Today, Natural Cosmetics has fortunately found its way into a more affordable price range and comprehensively on supermarket shelves.

These products are proven and the price does not dazzle:

The Erisan + series is a domestic fragrance-free natural cosmetics that includes prebiotics that have been raised to new skin care super ingredients.

The moisturizing and soothing face spray of the series is suitable for use on the skin immediately after cleansing, and it can also be sprayed on the face over makeup throughout the day.

12 € / 100 ml.Photo: Erisan

Mossan Derma + Instant Calming Serum is wonderful for relieving dry and reddened skin.

The light serum is absorbed into the skin in an instant, and the serum applied against the night makes the face look like a frees the next morning.

€ 15.40 / 50 ml. Picture: Mossa

Garnier Bio Series Fresh Lemongrass is worth every penny.

The gel-like cleanser washes the face effectively and the makeup is sure to go away, but the skin still feels soft after washing.

€ 7.50 / 150 ml. Picture: Garnier

La Provencale Bio series Relaxing Shower Gel is an excellent detergent for the whole family.

The mildly scented shower gel gently washes the skin and contains moisturizing olive oil.

A large jar lasts a long time in use.

€ 11.50 / 500 ml. Picture: La Provencale Bio

The moisturizing day cream from the domestic Taika series is perfect under makeup and keeps the skin soft all day long.

The cream delightfully contains active ingredients directly from Finland: birch juice, which soothes the skin, and xylitol, which binds moisture.

€ 9.50 / 50 ml. Picture: Magic

The Soothing Lavender hand cream in Urtekram's renewed body care line is a real savior for winter and disinfection hands.

The rich cream effectively moisturizes the skin, but does not leave a close feeling on the skin.

€ 4.75 / 75 ml. Picture: Urtekram