The bodies of seven people were found in a fertilizer container sent from Serbia to Paraguay.

Authorities have now told more about the case, the BBC reported.

According to the authorities, the container left Serbia on 21 July.

It is believed to have traveled through Croatia to Egypt, Spain and Argentina before arriving in Paraguay.

Of the seven dead, one is said to have come from Egypt and three from Morocco, forensic doctor Pablo Lemir said.

Everyone is believed to have been adult men.

According to The Guardian, the container found the identities of a 20-year-old Moroccan man and a 19-year-old Egyptian man.

A Serbian taxi receipt and a phone card were found in the container.

In addition, traces of biscuits, bottled water and canned food were found in the container, which is estimated to have lasted for three days.

“We think their destination was not South America because they would never have survived the trip,” Attorney General Marcelo Saldivar told a local radio station.

- Their contact in a port must have failed badly and they could not get out.

They ended up in prison and died.

The probable cause of death is suffocation.

The bodies had had time to land badly before they were found.

The fertilizer is believed to have accelerated the process of body decay.

Authorities are working to identify men.