The Portuguese cargo ship is drifting without maneuver in the Gulf of Bothnia in the Kvarken, says the Western Finland Coast Guard on Twitter.

According to the Coast Guard, the ship called Costamar has a cooler problem that the ship is trying to fix.

The Turku Maritime Rescue Center is told that the vessel is being monitored, but its drift is not yet causing action.

- It has such a slow flow rate and such a long distance to the shallows that at the moment there is no need to take any measures, command center officer, Lieutenant Lars Saarinen tells STT.

Saarinen, the vessel is currently drifting up to less than half knots, which means less than one kilometer per hour respectively.

The nearest shallows are a few tens of kilometers away.

- Here we are talking about a 20-hour timeline, Saarinen says.

The ship on its way to Kemi from France has timber in its cargo.

The approximately 100-meter vessel has nine crew members.

- The situation is quite normal in itself, that often these ships in that high seas start to correct their faults and give the ship a flag.

According to the command center officer, the vessel traffic service center supervising vessel traffic has been in contact with other vessels moving in the area.

- Repeatedly, ships pass by.

Even now, the ships have had to change their course because of this, Saarinen says.