Boris Becker, 52, has been charged with hiding his assets from creditors.

Already in 2017, Becker, who went bankrupt, has been charged in London for hiding the awards and medals he won during his career.

There are a total of nine new charges, and they relate to various awards he has won during his career.

Becker is considered to have hidden trophies so that they would not be sold to cover his debts.

Among them are e.g.

the 1985 Wimbledon trophy.

Becker won Wimbledon at just 17 years old.

He was the youngest tournament winner in history at the time.

The charges are not the first of their kind.

As many as 19 charges had already been brought against Becker in connection with his debts.

The prosecutor considers Becker's e.g.

hidden housing, money, debts and other real estate.

Becker has denied all charges against him.

The German won 49 doubles championships during his career, among nine Grand Slams and rose to number one on the world list.

He was also one of the most popular athletes of his era and amassed substantial fortunes with his tournament winnings as well as sponsorship income.

He won about $ 25 million in prize money alone.

Over the years, that money has disappeared ash into the wind.

When he was declared bankrupt in 2017, he had debts of about € 61 million.

He has lost tens of millions in both divorces and disputes with business associates.

After his playing career, he has worked e.g.

as the current number one coach on the world list as Novak Djokovic’s coach in 2013–16 and has garnered popularity as a TV commentator.