Many countries in Europe are alarmed about how the coronavirus is spreading even faster than this spring.

This also applies to popular tourist countries such as Spain, Italy and France.

The travel industry has, of course, reduced its supply compared to ordinary years, but it is now seen that many trips during the autumn holidays are sold out.

SAS reports a marked increase in demand for flights to several destinations around the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands, and Norwegian has sold out on many solar trips.

- We have fully booked in Alicante, Las Palmas and Faro on the Algarve coast, says Charlotta Holmbergh, press manager at Norwegian to SVT.

Charter trips are also starting to end during the autumn holidays.

More generous rules for rebooking have made more people dare to book, according to the charter organizer Nordic leisure group / Ving.

- Just the autumn holidays, we have opened for more volumes than other weeks, but still it is almost fully booked on what we have to Cyprus and the Canary Islands, says communications manager Fredrik Henriksson.

As great train demand as usual

The public health authority has called for caution, and urges people to avoid public transport.

When it comes to travel abroad, there is no strict advice, but a call to be very vigilant about what applies locally and to be extra careful when you get home if you feel the slightest symptoms.

"Only travel if you have to, thank you", urges SJ at the central station in Stockholm, but even here many domestic trips during the autumn holidays will be sold out.

This applies above all this weekend, but also the last Sunday of the autumn holidays.

- We have as much demand for autumn holiday trips as a normal year.

Many departures are full tonight, it is sold a lot, especially on trips between Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and to the mountains, says Tobbe Lundell, press manager at SJ.

SJ also believes that some who have otherwise planned trips abroad this year choose domestic travel by train on holiday instead.

During the autumn, SJ only sold about 50 percent of trips compared to normal years.

But now during the autumn holidays they sell 75 percent compared to normal years.

60 percent of the departures to Östersund / Åre are sold out.

If you want to travel ordinary regional trains, or sleeping or sleeping cars, SJ places great responsibility for the risk of infection on the individual.

- You can book your own compartment for a sleeping or lying carriage, but otherwise it is about the individual's responsibility and what risks you want to expose yourself to, says Tobbe Lundell.