China News Agency, Washington, October 23 (Reporter Chen Mengtong) The leaders of the United States, Sudan, and Israel held a phone call on the 23rd and agreed to normalize relations between Sudan and Israel.

On the same day, US President Trump decided to remove Sudan from the list of “countries supporting terrorism” identified by the US.

  With the mediation of the United States, this is the third consecutive month that Israel has achieved a breakthrough in foreign relations.

Israel agreed with the UAE and Bahrain in August and September to normalize relations.

Data map: US President Trump.

  A statement issued by the US White House stated that Trump, Chairman of the Sudan Sovereignty Council Burhan, Prime Minister Hamduk of the Transitional Government, and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel had a phone conversation on the same day, "Agreeing to normalize relations between Sudan and Israel and end the two countries. The state of war between China".

The leaders of the three countries agreed to develop economic and trade cooperation, with the initial focus on agriculture.

  Trump said in the phone call that the Sudan Transitional Government has demonstrated its commitment to combat terrorism, create a market economy and develop a political system.

“Today’s agreement is based on these commitments and marks a key turning point in Sudan’s history.”

  Netanyahu pointed out that Israel’s recent diplomatic progress will make the lives of people in relevant countries and regions better.

This will enable all countries to concentrate on building their country and creating the future together.

  The White House said in another statement that day that the Sudanese Transitional Government had transferred US$335 million in compensation on the 22nd to a third-party account opened for the victims of terrorism in the United States and their families.

Trump has officially notified Congress that he has decided to remove Sudan from the US list of "terrorist countries".

  The Sudan Sovereignty Commission issued a statement on the same day that the removal of Sudan from the list of "terrorist countries" by the United States is "a victory for the Sudanese people in the struggle to restore dignity" and will have a "far-reaching impact on Sudan's politics, economy, and foreign relations." ".

  The U.S. government included Sudan in the list of "countries supporting terrorism" in 1993.

After the Sudan Transitional Government was established in 2019, it has been seeking to remove Sudan from this list.

  The Palestinian Presidential Palace issued a statement on the evening of the 23rd, "condemning and rejecting" the normalization of relations between Sudan and Israel.

The statement said that the normalization of relations between Sudan and Israel violated the spirit of the Arab League Summit Resolution, the Arab Peace Initiative and the UN Security Council Resolution 1515.

  Qassim, spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said that the normalization of relations between Sudan and Israel has hurt the Palestinian people and their just cause.

  Sudan is located in northeastern Africa, on the west bank of the Red Sea, and neighbors Egypt to the north. Most of the residents believe in Islam and are Sunni. (Finish)