A month ago, the app for the free fruit was launched and most of the trees in town were removed in a week.

- The trees are completely clean-shaven.

Now we are up to 650 fruit trees in the app, but I guess there are almost 400 trees to find, says Johan Lewander, landscape engineer in Norrköping municipality.

We accompanied him to the orchard at Krusenhof's manor - one of all the places you can find with the municipality's new app.

The fruit we find now are fallen winter apples and some apples and pears hanging high up in the trees.

Johan sees a lot of fruit trees along roads in forest areas where there used to be farms once upon a time.

And every time he sees a fruit tree on the municipality's land, he makes sure to get it on the map.

See above how we will reach the fruit next year and access the fine pear varieties that hang at the top of the treetops, which you now do not reach.