Russia records 16,521 new cases of "Corona" in one day

 Russia announced today the registration of 16,521 new cases of the new "Corona" virus during the past 24 hours and 296 deaths, which represents a decrease in the number of new infections with the emerging corona virus and a slight increase in the daily death rate compared to yesterday's rates / 17,340 infections and 283 deaths.

The Russian Operations Center for fighting the virus confirmed - in its daily report - that with this new number of infections and deaths, the total number of "Covid-19" cases becomes one million and 497,167 cases, and the death toll from the virus is 25,821 deaths, with 340,528 active cases remaining (which represents an increase of 4,658 active cases. Since yesterday), 11567 recovered yesterday, bringing the total of those recovered to one million and 130,818 people in addition to the number of tests 56.7 million laboratory tests to diagnose injuries in Corona (564 thousand of them during the last 24 hours), and about 344.5 thousand people are still under medical supervision.

It is decided that the health authorities in Russia will start mass vaccination operations against the Corona virus at the end of next month, while the vaccine manufacturers will provide sufficient quantities to meet the needs of the local market.

To date, Russia has registered two anti-Corona vaccines, and it is expected that a third vaccine will be registered, which is currently undergoing clinical tests.

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