Do you have a tomato for four in the back of the fridge and you don't know what to do with it?

Shortbread dough that is about to expire and more fruit?

Everyone has experienced this kind of situation without really finding the inspiration to remedy it.

Laurent Mariotte's guest in "La Table des Bons Vivants", Carrie Solomon, gives us her advice on how to combine leftovers with originality and simplicity. 

"What was the first anti-waste recipe you were able to make at home?" Asks Laurent Mariotte to his guest Carrie Solomon in

La Table des Bons Vivants. 

"In my opinion, it's going to be around pancakes because it's one of my favorite dishes. And in pancakes, you can grate an apple that is left over. You can crush a banana that has become a little blackened", confides the author of

N'en jetez plus

(Ed. La Martinière).

The added advantage of this recipe is that fruit can replace sugar.

A winning combo that arouses our curiosity… So cooking leftovers with sexy recipes would be possible?

According to Carrie Solomon, yes. 

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The little nothing bin 

The trick to succeeding in your anti-waste mission is storage.

For this, Carrie Solomon advises to create a space called "the little nothing bin" to store all the leftovers and prevent them from getting lost in the meanders of our refrigerators in particular.

"We lose things in our refrigerators which are increasingly large and often, we do not see what is in the crisper bins," says the author.

"So I try to put everything in front. When I open the fridge, I put a bin really right in the middle in which I put a piece of fruit that was not finished. Small pieces of vegetables that were left over and I try to use it. " 

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Dare and try 

Finally, the ultimate advice is to dare to mix foods together.

Without being afraid of making a mistake, because in the kitchen, there are no rules so let's go!

The proof with the two recipes of Carrie Solomon which will give you - we hope - ideas and daring desires: "I make tempura. It is a dough with flour, egg yolk and I soak inside carrot peels or finely chopped green part of leek. And I cook it quickly. "

The guest's other great recipe is the avocado toast: "With half an avocado, I was able to make six toast thanks to a handful of peas that I had left in my freezer because often, in a freezer like the fridge, we have leftovers, we have small bags. "