Somehow he trusts his own health much more, Meri-Tuulia Särkiniva reflects.

It’s been almost eight months since Särkiniva quit smoking.

He has noticed many positive changes.

It’s easier to breathe, and it’s much better to be anyway.

Meri-Tuulia Särkiniva, 27, had smoked since she was 16 years old.

Tobacco went for eleven years in just over a day.

The main reason behind the decision to quit was concern for one’s own health.

The last impetus was the coronavirus.

Särkiniva had already had health concerns, including diabetes.

She has also had symptoms of panic disorder, making her feel like she is not breathing.

- I thought that if it (quitting smoking) made it easier to breathe a little, Särkiniva says.

Then came Korona.

Every place reported how smokers were at risk.

- I thought first that when I have more to obesity and health care, that I am the first to die from it - especially if I smoke yet, Särkiniva says.

- That's where the final decision came from.

I had thought I might quit sometime in the summer.

But then I decided I would quit now.

Thousands of Finns have now stopped smoking

Suomen Ash ry, which promotes the cessation of the use of tobacco and nicotine products.

announced in October that thousands of Finns have stopped smoking due to the coronavirus.

The assessment is based on a survey commissioned by the organization's Economic Research to map the effect of corona on the use of tobacco and nicotine products.

Within a year, 15 percent of those who quit smoking said they quit smoking because of the corona.

According to the Finnish Association of Ash, this means 5,000 –18,000 people who have quit smoking, which would mean an average of 11,500 people who have quit smoking.

For respondents who wanted to quit smoking, health and financial reasons were the most common reasons for quitting smoking.

84% of respondents considered health to be the most important reason and 65% to consider economic reasons.

Smoking is one of the risk factors for getting a serious form of coronavirus.

The corona often strikes the lungs devastatingly, where it can cause lung damage.

Breathing becomes difficult and the transfer of oxygen into the bloodstream is impaired.

At the beginning of October, Tiina Laatikainen, a research professor at the University of Eastern Finland, said in an IS story that quitting smoking is one of the most significant ways to avoid a serious form of corona.


 Quitting smoking reduces the serious risks to the corona.

- Lung disease is a risk for a coronary patient.

Quitting smoking reduces the serious risks to the corona, Laatikainen said.

"Take that, I don't need these"

News of the spread of the coronavirus in Europe began in mid-February.

At that time, Särkiniva set herself a day to quit smoking: March 1st.

- On the night between the last of February and the first of March, at midnight I smoked the last tobacco, well aware that this is now the last.

Contrary to what is often advised in smoking cessation tips, Särkiniva did not throw away all tobacco at the time.

He knew that his own freedom of choice was important to him.

For days of the month, he carried a box of tobacco with him.

- It was much easier for me to be when I knew it was possible to take tobacco out of my pocket if I wanted to.

But there was never a need for it.

In early April, Särkiniva was ready to hand over the box to his smoking friend.

- I said take that, I don't need these.

For two weeks tobacco was constantly in mind

Särkiniva did not use any nicotine preparations to aid in cessation.

He says the first couple of weeks were difficult.

- The first week was spent in the fog.

It was a bit unreal, and the boxers didn't quite play.

The second, third and fourth days were a really hard headache.

The difficulty with quitting is often that smoking becomes a way to rhythmize the day.

This was also the case with Särkiniva.

Tobacco was constantly thought of for the first two weeks.

Since then, it has eased, all the while gradually.

- Nowadays, there is no tobacco just thought of.

Maybe once a month comes to mind an old bad habit that can when you get tobacco.

Does your mind strike at morning coffee or at the end of food.

- They have been so-called.

important tobacco moments for me.

Important peer support for Särkiniva was found in the Smoking Cessation group on Facebook.

Important peer support for Särkiniva was found in the Smoking Cessation group on Facebook.

“When you wrote there that now the mind makes tobacco and oppression, then right away someone wrote that you don’t oppress.

It gave tremendous strength. ”

- When you wrote there that now the mind makes tobacco and oppression, then immediately someone wrote that you do not oppress.

It gave tremendous power.

A great incentive for Särkiniva was her own mother, who had burned for many decades.

The broken fear was that the mother would get lung cancer, and her hope was that the mother would be able to stop.

The mother got rid of the tobacco with the help of the Champix medication.

- I thought that if my mother can do it, then so can I.

Särkiniva's man also had an incentive to quit smoking.

The man also managed to quit smoking with the help of a Champix regimen.

Now that the couple has been without tobacco for several months, the financial benefits also come to the fore.

Särkiniva is currently unemployed, so quitting smoking has reduced the stress of having enough money.

- Yes, you will notice it when many hundreds of euros are saved.

You no longer have to think every day about where to get your money for tobacco.