• Olympics, president of the organizing committee: if the epidemic continues, they will be canceled

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics postponed by one year, Zanardi: I'll be ready

  • Shinzo Abe: "Okay, the Olympics in the summer of 2021"


October 24, 2020 "If there is another lockdown I will stop swimming. I have broad shoulders, but I know what I am saying. The Olympics with a new lockdown will be canceled and I will not swim again in three years".

It is the announcement of the blue swimming champion struggling with quarantine, his and his mother.

In an interview with Fatto Quotidiano,

Federica Pellegrini

says: "How did I get infected? It's strange because I had a molecular swab on Sunday, negative. On Wednesday I swam and I felt my legs sore, in the afternoon I had a sore throat. I redid the molecular and tested positive. That weekend I was in Rome for a TV show and we were very well controlled. I traveled by train, I went to the hotel. I didn't go to dinner with people outside the production ".

As for the social controversy over the fact that he accompanied his mother to swab, he said: "A normal person after this storm on social media might have pulled back. Instead I have decided that I will continue to talk about me how and when I want. she is better, we are still waiting for the result of the swab, I think it is positive. Beyond that, poor thing, she was very bad for this media chaos, she felt guilty ".

Di Francisca: "If they postpone the games, I'll stop too"

"Since the Olympics have been postponed as athletes, this situation is not living well. Federica Pellegrini has her reasons, the young people have theirs. I wanted to stop after the Games. Tokyo and I feel bad if I don't do them ".

The fencing Olympian, Elisa Di Francisca, feels perfectly in line with the words of Federica Pellegrini.

Di Francisca does not hide her concerns about a possible new lockdown and the relative repercussions on the athletes: "I won't be able to reach the next Olympics either. If they postpone them, I'll stop. Maybe I'll stop even sooner, because I'm tired of waiting. I have a son, a daughter. family, a husband and I want another child. "