Kaisa Mäkäräinen wrote more than 181,000 images for her followers in English:

- Biathlon is much more difficult on this side of the binoculars, he announced on Thursday.

- Coaching week at Vuokatti Sport is underway.

We are already skiing here!

(or athletes ski ...)

Mäkäräinen has started coaching in Vuokatti, where the group includes young people who did not fit in the coaching groups of the Biathlon Association.

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Mäkäräinen asked people to comment on the thoughts evoked by the picture.

For one respondent, the picture reminded me of a table setting outside of sports.

- Salami, minced meat, shrimp and tuna.

Thank you.

Bring it here to the stadium, he wrote.

Mäkäräinen replied with a tongue in his cheek.

- Of those, but salami is enough.

Mari Eder, the brightest contemporary star of the Finnish women's biathlon team, worked with a smile of laughter when requested.

- So did the man really forget my gun home ??!

Mäkäräinen communicated to Eder as follows:

- It was the first time!

Mäkäräinen liked the comment, where one of the commenters referred to the accuracy of the hit.

- How can you shoot four (4) past again !?

The picture also clearly aroused hopes for Mäkäräinen's return to the racetracks.

- One more season, one of the respondents summed up.