The 36-year-old entrepreneur is now sentenced by the Gothenburg District Court to one year and nine months in prison, writes Göteborgs-Posten.

According to the prosecutor, the black part of the business has generated millions in income.

The ruling states that it is at least 3,500 kilos of snus, which corresponds to SEK 1.5 million that the man withheld from the state.

He is convicted of a serious tax offense, tax offense and also for accounting offense and also receives a five-year business ban.

Assistants are sentenced

During a raid on the snus factory, shortcomings in the work environment were also discovered.

Among other things, dangerous chemicals were found in an open cupboard.

That part has been investigated separately by the Public Prosecutor's Office's environmental crime unit.

At the same time as the 36-year-old, three aides were also prosecuted who are convicted of aiding and abetting tax offenses, complicating tax control and accounting offenses, respectively.