(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Germany has added more than 11,000 experts for two consecutive days and warned that an increase of 20,000 per day will face "closure"

  China News Agency, Berlin, October 23 (Reporter Peng Dawei) After the first increase of 10,000 in a single day on the 22nd, the number of newly diagnosed new crown virus infections in Germany on the 23rd again exceeded 11,000.

Frank Montgomery, the president of the German World Medical Association, warned that if the new increase continues to rise to the level of 20,000 in a single day, the health department will not be able to trace and block the chain of infection, and Germany will have to face a second time. Close the city".

On the evening of October 13, local time, a Cuban bar on Oranienburg Street where Berlin’s bars and restaurants was concentrated was closed.

  The German Federal Agency for Disease Control and Prevention, the Robert Koch Institute, announced the number of new confirmed cases on the 22nd and 23rd, reaching 11,287 and 11,242, respectively, maintaining a record high since the outbreak for two consecutive days.

Real-time data from Germany's "Times Online" showed that as of 17:00 local time on the 23rd, Germany had a total of 409,997 confirmed cases, 310,211 cured, and 10062 deaths.

  Frank Montgomery told the "Rhine Post" that if the number of new people increased to 20,000 in a single day, then "the situation will be out of control."

He warned that by that time, local health departments will no longer be able to track close contacts and block the chain of infection. "In that case, we will face the threat of a second'closure of the city', because other methods have been unable to spread the virus. Step on the brakes."

  At present, discussions about "closing the city" in the main German media are increasing.

The continued tightening of the epidemic in the capital Berlin also raises concerns.

  On the same day, Berlin Health Minister Kalegi announced that due to the large number of confirmed cases, Berlin will adjust its epidemic prevention strategy: In the future, the focus of the new crown detection and close contact tracking work in Berlin will shift to the high-risk population of the new crown.

For mildly ill patients or asymptomatic infections, the authorities call on them to isolate themselves at home, and at the same time proactively contact people who have been in contact with them as soon as possible, and remind them to conduct tests and take quarantine.

  This weekend (24th-25th), the German Federal Police will conduct a large-scale supervision operation jointly with the Berlin police for the first time, sending about 1,000 police officers to urge citizens to comply with the mask mandatory order and interpersonal distance and other epidemic prevention regulations.